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Titanium minerals , ores and ore concentrates

Rutile concentrate (TiO2) — used in the manufacture of welding electrodes , titanium dioxide pigment , titanium sponge and titanium metal .

Ilmenite concentrate ( iron titanate FeO • TiO2) — end use : Production of synthetic rutile titanium dioxide pigment , welding electrodes , titanium sponge , titanium metal in steelmaking .

Zircon concentrate — Raw materials for production of refractories for steel , glass and foundry industries, production of glass and ceramics , metal zircon , zirconium compounds


Chemicals for the oil industry.

Proppant  - granular material that is used in the oil industry to enhance the efficiency of return wells using the technology of hydraulic fracturing (HF ) .

Caustic soda - used in gas, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum industry. In the oil industry it is used for cleaning oil . In metallurgy used in aluminum production.

Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) — In refining as sulfuration agent hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts . To translate the active centers of the oxide to the sulfide form . Application DMDS achieves the highest activity of the catalysts in hydrogenation processes.

- In petrochemicals as sulfuration agent inside of the pipes and coils of pyrolysis furnaces arcades .

Oil-well Portland cement  , class G. — refers to a special type of portland cement. It is designed for concrete oil and gas wells .

Calcium Chloride CaCl2 — Registered as a food additive E509.


Used to produce calcium metal , for drying and lowering the dew point of the process and pulsed gas :

GDS , CS trunk pipelines ;

On CNG ;

On gas production facilities in the preparation of gas for transportation ;

In refrigeration ;

As cement setting accelerator ;

Gravel roads for dust control ;

As a means of de-icing ;

Hardener in food;

In the dairy industry in the production of fermented dairy products , and plays an important role in the formation of a clot . Addition of calcium chloride leads to an increased yield of the end product , but also improves its properties ;

In medicine .

Caustic potash ( potassium hydroxide , KOH ) — The food industry is registered as a food additive E525.

Technical solid potassium hydroxide is used in technological processes of manufacturing of fertilizers, various chemicals , medicines , as well as in the production of alkaline electrolytes and detergents.

Flake potassium hydroxide is used as leaching agents in the processes of casting metallurgy; part of the drilling fluids ( oil industry ); and widely used in the chemical industry in the manufacture of fertilizers.

Zinc chloride (zinc dichloride , ZnCl2.)

is used as a drying agent , fire retardant fabric , and impregnation of cardboard , flame retardant foams, as natural wood impregnating antiseptic for various purposes. At industrial level, the zinc chloride has found application in the manufacture of fibers , the manufacture of vanillin , zinc cyanide , various types of dyes for cotton articles. Besides heavy industries use the substance as a cleaner oil for the production of aluminum, as a means of solder and flux for cleaning prior to this process , galvanizing and preparation of metal for chrome plating , in the manufacture of batteries and electrochemical plating . On the laboratory scale zinc chloride is used in organic synthesis process : alkylation, acylation and Friedel -Crafts catalysis processes.

 HENGPAN ( Polyacrylamide is identical Saipan , mainly used as stabilizers, and fluid loss ) Using HENGPAN can significantly reduce the amount of mud .

Xanthan gum - a food additive E415 , belongs to the group of stabilizers . Xanthan gum is used in food systems as thickeners , gelling agents and stabilizers. It is highly soluble in cold and hot water, milk , as well as salt and sugar solutions . Xanthan gum is typically used as a thickening agent or stabilizer , and no gelling agent .

Application of xanthan gum , you can:

increase the viscosity and elasticity of the meat ;

a more stable structure and ductile finished product ;

reduce the loss of moisture during thermal processing and subsequent storage of finished products.

Generates a good structure , long-term products stabilizes and extends the terms of their storage. Widely used in the production of sauces , dairy products, ice cream , desserts, bakery products , beverages etc.

In addition to the food and cosmetic industry , xanthan gum is used in the process of oil and gas (drilling solutions containing up to 2% gum for drilling horizontal and directional wells ) .

Calcium bromide CaBr2 — used as a dehydrating agent , catalyst.

Concentrated solutions of calcium bromide used as drilling fluids and coolants in refrigeration and air conditioning.

HEDP - 1-hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid, CAS 2809-21-4 — Used as scale inhibitor oilfield equipment , as a complexing agent and stabilizer in water treatment


Equipment for oil extraction   

Diesel genset (Vibro Power Diesel Generator), Model: VP250V,

Country Origin: Singapore) Etc.

Vertical slurry pump 200LSB180- 32 (SAND PUMP 200LSB180- 32)

Swivel SL- 135 and spare parts (SL- 135 Swivel and SL- 135 swivel spare parts)

Wrenches hydraulic casing (CASING POWER TONGS), — Suspended hydraulic pipe wrenches for screwing threaded joints of casing .

Controls fluid high pressure — Jib high pressure plug valves , check valve , safety valve , quick coupler , Direct high-pressure pipe , Holistic fitting, annular manifold , number of production against hydrogen sulfide , throttle valve , gate — valve , Extra manifold .

Drill pipe — conventional , weighted and leading . Used for lowering into the borehole and the tool cutter head , rotation transmitting , creating an axial pressure on the tool , feeding the washing liquid or compressed air to the bottom .

Pumps — Centrifugal pumps sectional

Valves — Three-way valve , ball valves, Plug valves etc.


Equipment for hydraulic fracturing

Well workover rig

Trucks heavy career

Modular and self-propelled drilling rigs .




Potassium carbonate K2CO3  - used for the manufacture of liquid soap , crystal or refractory glass , dyeing, fertilizer for crops as an additive in the mortar to reduce the freezing point. Registered as a food additive E501.


Potassium nitrate KNO3 — The main use as a valuable fertilizer as combines two elements , partially blocking the absorption of each other plants when they are in the composition of individual compounds . Used in the manufacture of black powder and some other compounds ( eg, caramel rocket fuel ), which is used in the manufacture of pyrotechnics .

Magnesium nitrate Mg (NO3) 2 — the best form for foliar application of vegetable and fruit crops . Application of magnesium nitrate through the drip irrigation system allows multiple reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers, such as ammonium nitrate and carbonite .

Calcium nitrate Ca (NO3) 2 — intended for use in greenhouses and open soil to make irrigation water and fertilizing vegetable , fruit , flower and ornamental crops in intensive growth of plants , as well as in the production of difficult mixed mineral and organic fertilizers , soil and peat soil .

Calcium ammonium nitrate 5Ca (NO3) 2 • NH4NO3 • 10H2O ( Type: Calcium nitrate ) -

Crystalline compound of calcium nitrate ( calcium nitrate , calcium nitrate ) and ammonium nitrate ( ammonium (ammonium ) nitrate)

Calcium nitrate is intended for use in greenhouses and open soil to make irrigation water and fertilizing vegetable , fruit , flower and ornamental crops in intensive growth of plants , as well as in the production of difficult mixed mineral and organic fertilizers , soil and peat soil .

Ammonium nitrate is used in all types of soils under all kinds of crops, such as basic fertilizer for preplant and fertilizing . The effectiveness of the special fertilizer is achieved by use of the spring for winter crops . Due to its properties ammonium nitrate fertilizer is instant , its ammonia is absorbed by soil and has longer duration of action compared to nitrate . Fractional application of ammonium nitrate can reduce the loss of nitrate nitrogen leaching from soils .

Calcium ammonium nitrate + boron — 5Ca (NO3) 2 • NH4NO3 • 10H2O + B

( Type: Calcium nitrate )

Crystalline compound of calcium ammonium nitrate with the addition of boron .

Boron is involved in transport of sugars , lignin synthesis , carbohydrate and indoleacetic acid ( HGH ) . Boron is essential for normal pollen germination and the formation of ovaries.

Boron deficiency is disrupted cell walls and the formation of the membrane , which leads to deterioration of the final product presentation ( beet rot heart , internal cavity in potato tubers , darkening of the head of cauliflower etc.), reduces overall yield, quality and shelf life of the product due to the high susceptibility of pathogens.

Calcium nitrate — Ca (NO3 ) 2 . + Mg

Calcium nitrate with the addition of magnesium .

Magnesium — element that is in growing plant organs . Magnesium deficiency is more common on sandy soils , particularly evident in wet years .


Other chemicals.

Hydrazine hydrate — application in water treatment procedures remove oxygen . Remedy is steam and water circulation pipes from corrosion processes , and is also used in the preservation of equipment decommissioned . To eliminate tarnish his glasses added to the molten glass . In the fuel cell material is used as fuel. In the steel industry it is used in the operations of preparation of pure oxides of metals such as copper , nickel , etc.

Polyvinyl chloride - PVC

Tributyl - ( phosphoric acid ester ) — transparent , oily liquid , slightly soluble in water, in organic solvents well . Used as an extractant of rare earth elements in the processing of nuclear fuel in the production of various plastics, etc.

Is an effective solvent used for mixing materials sparingly .

Is an excellent solvent for lithographic inks and in the preparation of concentrates for agricultural herbicides and fungicides.

It can also be used as a solvent for natural and synthetic rubbers , including chlorinated nitrocellulose and an effective defoamer .

Hydrofluoric acid ( 70 % liquid concentration ), CAS 7664-93-9. — Hydrofluoric acid ( hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoride acid) — aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride (HF). Major consumer of hydrofluoric acid — aluminum industry .

Trilon B (EDTA Disodium Salt) — Disodium EDTA ( chelating -III, Trilon B , helaton III, EDTA) is used for heat and power washing equipment, pipes and boilers ; water treatment in boilers and heating systems ; in the production of household chemicals and detergents ; as a stabilizer in the polymerization process ; in the pulp and paper industry ; in the manufacture of rubber; in analytical chemistry, and in many other fields .

Antimony trioxide ( antimony oxide (III)) — used in the manufacture of rubber products, artificial leather , enamel , technical and electro-vacuum glass .

Titanium dioxide — Titanium oxide (IV) ( titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide ) — used in the manufacture of paints, in particular , titanium dioxide pigments , plastics , production of laminated paper



Injection Molding Machine (PLASTC INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE) — injection molding machine , used for making parts from thermoplastic molding