ISCO GROUP Company was formed in 1999 to promote Israeli companies and their products in the international market .

The first few years the company’s specialists worked mainly with the production factories producing security systems, as well as develop their own projects.

Currently, in the ISCO GROUP includes divisions and subsidiaries engaged in the following directions:
Technical department – development and implementation of projects for integrated security – alarm and fire systems, video surveillance,  information security of banking servers.
Advertising department – development and implementation of promotional video companies on the Internet.
Transportation Department – Development of logistics for the delivery of goods and customs clearance.
Finance Division – Integrated financial optimization.


Over the years progressed products companies such as :

CROW Electronic Engineering Ltd. – The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment burglar alarm. In product line Crow presented a wide range of motion detectors .

RISCO Group – the company produces a variety of devices for security and fire alarm systems : a wide range of control panels, small, medium and large information capacity ; wired and wireless devices ; simple PIR- detectors and digital security sensors dual technology with microprocessor signal processing.

Visonic Group – manufacturer of high quality security systems and components of electronic security systems . Alarm system and home management , have a high level of security. The company has a wide range of wireless motion detectors , security systems and related equipment .

PIMA Electronic Systems Ltd. – A leader in the development, production and implementation of modern technical means of protection and transmission of information through various communication channels . The company’s systems successfully installed around the world , providing a comprehensive solution to its clients in the field of security .

Telefire Fire & Gas Detectors Ltd. – Produces a wide range of fire detection systems and gas leakage from simple addressless to modern analogue addressable systems (firecom ® technology ) c reliable protection against false alarms and simple, accessible to the operator and maintenance personnel interface.

Matael Ltd. – Israeli manufacturer of fire alarm systems and smoke detection sensors and gas.

Over time, experience in the promotion and implementation of projects attracted companies from other industries. Especially attracted by the fact that a large part of the company was fixed on the CIS market . Mainly distributed between the interests of Russia , Ukraine, Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan, Belarus , Georgia, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.


The experience was especially useful in the fashion industry and cosmetics :

FELICE Fashion – the original manufacturer of leather belts and accessories.

Parfum D’été – production of organic cosmetics based on natural oils from the seeds of various plants, cold pressed .

In 2004 , a branch of the company was engaged in real estate and in-depth management of construction projects. As well as complete equipment facilities fire alarm equipment and electronic low-voltage systems .

In 2008 was opened a subsidiary company SITELY Design Ltd. The creation and promotion of Internet projects . The company successfully develops and markets web projects of varying complexity.

In 2009 was inaugurated the investment department , now the company ISCO GROUP is seeking not only interesting projects for investors , but also the business creates and sponsors projects .

 In 2010 an office was opened in Dalian (China) . Representative engaged in selection of reliable vendors and buyers of industrial raw materials.

In 2010, the design of equipment for the food industry began.

In 2011, the supply of raw food products began.

In 2011, the implementation of large turnkey projects begins.

In 2013, work began on financing digital projects.

In late 2013, began preparations for the opening of the Indian branch.

Our experts at lightning speed to market changes, in times of crisis.


Over 20 years have used our services .

Manufacturing and production companies .

Real Estates and Constructions ,

Importers of consumer goods and Enterprises military complex

Small farmers and agro holdings

Large investors and startup companies .

The inventors of technologies that protect the environment and environmental concerns .

The company’s services are not limited to ISCO GROUP particular list is expanding all the time and strive to meet customer requirements .

Elementary branding to build a successful international trading network.