ISCO GROUP specializes in the development and construction of turnkey food processing facilities. Our company provides a full range of services, starting from land development to the launch of a fully operational facility and personnel training. We offer a comprehensive project plan for future facilities and procure high-quality food equipment from our subcontractors based on our designs. Our production partners are leading manufacturers of food processing equipment in their respective fields. Many of our suppliers are part of our company group, while others are affiliated integrators and exclusive developers for equipment optimization and automation.

ISCO GROUP delivers food processing equipment to customers on DAP or DDP terms. We also offer turnkey installation services for food equipment using our own highly qualified employees or trusted local contractors. After installation, we initiate food production, create technical production specifications for staff training, and train personnel.

ISCO GROUP holds several patents for production processes, including patented technology for producing soy protein isolate using a “combined method of alkaline extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis.” Additionally, we have a patent for the “ultrasonic cavitation method of pectin and dietary fiber extraction,” both of which are highly demanded for food safety and green production methods.

ISCO GROUP is ready to undertake projects anywhere in the world and is always open to collaboration in the design and supply of food processing equipment.

ISCO GROUP is an international holding company that includes controlling stakes in other companies and provides overall management for these companies. We have been on the market for over 20 years, starting as a small business development consulting agency and growing into a multinational corporation. Alongside project management, we also engage in financial and production activities.

ISCO GROUP has implemented an original management system for our companies. All subsidiary companies benefit from the services and products provided by holding members on special terms, allowing for efficient development of individual structures as part of the larger organization.

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