International freight , customs clearance , certification.

Delivery can be as container and cargoes .

Delivery of cargoes and their subsequent customs clearance – one of the priorities of our company.

Our agents promptly collect small parties all over the world (Europe, Southeast Asia , USA, India , etc.) , and then we combine them in one of our warehouses in the region and the consolidation of a regular flight deliver these general cargo in Russia .

LCL shipment includes:

– Consolidation of cargoes from a variety of suppliers;

– Delivery of cargoes from our warehouse to the “doors” Client separate small batches ;

– Monitoring timetable cargoes ;

– Insurance;

– Registration of export- import documentation ;

– The closure of export declarations ( transit documents );

– Assistance in customs clearance for phytosanitary inspection and quarantine procedures.

Cargoes from Europe pass through consolidation in storage terminals in Europe, such as Vilnius ( Lithuania), Hamburg (Germany ), Helsinki ( Finland) , Milan (Italy), the consolidation of our wide network of terminals allows you to transport scheme is very efficient and flexible.

Delivery of cargoes from China

Over five years, our company has cooperated with China. Our staff will help you develop a logistics plan suitable for you. Given the characteristics of the PRC , we have organized a consolidation warehouse in China , as well as an agent network , distributed in all major ports . Transportation and shipping fee for China is particularly beneficial to companies organizing regular delivery of clothing and other goods from Asia. Regular flights modular machines at reasonable prices per kg. waiting for their customers.

We organize these types of traffic:

delivery by air ;

delivery of goods from China by sea

– combined ( sea + air + car or car ) delivery of goods through our consolidation warehouses in Europe ( Lithuania).

Company “ISCO GROUP” transports various groups of vehicles and goods by sea from Europe, Asia, America, Russia , preferring proven transport companies and long-term contractual relationships.

The company also provides services for the storage of goods in transit warehouses in the Baltic States and Finland. Assistance in the preparation of documents for the import of cargo in Russia .

May be involved and our ability to insurance. Our goal – to reduce the risks in international transport .

Availability of storage facilities in Italy, Austria , Germany, Poland and the Baltic States allows us to collect small consignment , prepare cargo and thereby reducing transportation costs final destination in Russia.

Our specialists will prepare the necessary set of documents for your cargo will receive on your behalf permits, certificates , if required by the nature of the cargo .

We are ready at any time to assist in the design and verification of documents required for customs clearance of goods .


Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union (CU )

Customs Union – trade and economic agreement between Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan , due to which the participants are combined into a single Union customs territory .

On the territory of the Customs Union applies a unified customs tariff and other common measures of trade between participating countries.

For products imported into the territory of the vehicle, subject to certain requirements , forms and methods of verification studies in confirming which goods are allowed into circulation in the customs territory of the Customs Union.

Documents confirming the compliance of products with the standards established in the framework of the customs union are ” certificates of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union .”

Requirements for products imported into the territory of the Customs Union , included in the single list of products approved by the decision of the Customs Union Commission . To work with a unified list of products you need to know the name and code of the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Trade (HS) customs union.

To obtain a certificate of the customs union should apply to accredited body with the necessary package of documents.

Decision of the Customs Union Commission approved a single register of certification bodies and testing laboratories that have the authority to carry out works in the field of conformity .

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