Customs. Customs brokerage services on the border

Issues of customs control and documentation in the field of transportation of goods by sea, such as in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or any other country in the world, is responsible for maritime customs. The movement of goods across national borders, as well as tracking the order of passing all the necessary procedures performed marine divisions of the Federal Customs Service.

To apply customs clearance of cargo clearance and declaration, which is a collection of different binding activities conducted by specially authorized persons or representatives of the customs. If you sort of activity of your business have a need to send or receive goods using sea routes or you, for example, optionally go cargo customs clearance in China or Russia then you are surely interested in competent customs clearance.

If you want the clearance did not have problems, you need to hold a series of special events that require a certain amount of professionalism and deep expertise. Our specialists are ready to take care of all the preparation of documents, declaration, temporary storage, etc. If your goods need customs clearance, or you need competent advice on the classification of goods or customs duties and tariffs, then you can always contact our company «ISCO GROUP»!

Our brokers carried out a wide range of services including:

  1. Preparation of the necessary documentation for registration and approval.
  2. Cargo declaration.
  3. Drafting technical description of the goods.
  4. Obtaining permits.
  5. Preparation of expert opinions.


Customs clearance by our specialists – is guaranteed absence of any delays en route for all types of cargo. Our long experience in this field allows you to professionally perform any entrusted to our skilled work, including customs clearance in China.


Professional services for cargo clearance

Customs clearance, customs clearance which is also called, is a critical component in international transport. Every consignment, regardless of their size and cost in the administration of China must necessarily pass umentirovanie dock in Russia and even customs clearance in China. Of course, this procedure requires a good understanding in certain areas, such as document management, legal literacy, etc., as necessary not only to prepare all the documents, but also make sure they have all the necessary, for example, customs clearance in China Information and that all documents are filled in correctly.

Customs clearance – this is the most complex procedure, since it is accompanied by a bunch of complicated legal procedures. The slightest error or inaccuracy in the design of your product, and your custom detain the goods, which leads to the loss of time and money costs.

Experts of the company «ISCO GROUP »possess vast experience in the field of customs clearance in China and Russia, as well as many other countries, have all the necessary skills and can in the shortest possible time for you to fill in all the necessary customs documents. Use our service – customs clearance – Customs and sea will never be a problem for you.

We   not only offer you assistance in customs clearance in China, Russia or any other country, but also ready to provide for you the whole range of additional services, including services related to inventory. Turning to us, you get the opportunity to work with a qualified company that provides a full range of services in the transport of goods and logistics.

In the service of customs clearance includes the following steps:

  1. Initial analysis of the documentation.
  2. Customs value declaration and the customs value adjustments (BTAs and CBS).
  3. Determination of HS codes.
  4. Payment of fees and duties.
  5. Filling transport documentation and various foreign contracts.


In addition, our people will control how Customs performs its work on the customs clearance of goods, etc. We are well aware of all the areas of customs procedures, which allows us to minimize costs for our clients for this procedure. Our specialists in their work use only transparent logistics schemes with compulsory taking into account all the nuances of the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as other states.

Remember that custom is the final step of any foreign operation, and we are ready to make its passage a quick and hassle!